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The new WHIPs series includes the Glasgow Coma Scale and How to Request from a Radiologist for housemen!

About Alia’s Illustrated Extra Notes to Physical Examinations

“I can’t seem to memorize everything!”

Like many clinical students, you may find yourself fighting against time to memorize the various physical examinations while being under pressure to do it correctly immediately. You instead attempt to write them up in point form, but they quickly increase in pages, and eventually with pages and pages of notes, you give up trying to learn them all.

The question is ... is there an EASY solution that can help you memorize the notes BETTER?

Meet Alia

Just like you, Alia struggled during her pre-clinical years to find physical examination books that could present the information better.

Unfortunately, she found most to be:

  • extremely wordy
  • didn’t always have images which could have simplified the text
  • boring
  • simply too difficult to understand.

So Alia began making her own notes instead which consisted of drawings and the salient points that pre-clinical students needed to know. She initially made these for herself and her friends, and eventually expanded and developed it to become the book known as Alia's Notes to Physical Examinations.

These notes are EASY to understand and visually appealing to help you remember them BETTER.

Introducing Alia’s Notes

With Alia's Notes, you get six chapters that outline the basic physical examinations for General Examination and the five systems. Each system is further divided into the examinations that needs to be done. Here are just some of the benefits that you get from using Alia's Notes.

Fully Checklisted

Each chapter consists of checklists to ensure that no basic examinations are left out - no more memorising which ones are missing!

100+ Illustrations

Each page is splashed with hand-drawn illustrations to help visualize the actions better, allowing you to even practice by yourself.

Point-Form Explainations

Important points on the definition, possible diagnosis and how to elicit the signs make it extremely easy for quick referencing.

Full Colour

Printed in full colour to ensure the illustrations are easy and clear to see rather than in plain black and white.

Easy To Navigate

Each page has small icons at the bottom to allow readers to know exactly the chapter and area covered. Flip to a random page and you know instantly what the examination is about.

A book backed by medical professionals and practioners

Although this book is comprised of Alia's own personal notes, it has undergone extensive revisions and reviews by active medical professionals and practitioners such as lecturers, professors, physicians, surgeons, specialists and even medical students themselves.

Here are some advance reviews by these medical healthcare professionals, as well as from students who have benefited from Alia's Notes.

A book by a medical student for medical students to make learning clinical skills fun.

Dr Hazian Hamzah
Family Medicine Lecturer

Easy-to-follow step-by-step guides illustrated by Alia reinforced my learning in the wards! Although it is prepared for pre-clinical students but I found it helpful for my clinical years.

Evelyn Ting Lee Pian
Final Year Medical Student

An “aide memoir” for the preclinical student.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Latiff Mohamed
Dean of Faculty of Medicine, CUCMS

From few sheets of paper into a book! excellent effort from an awesome student! if you don't want to buy it, flip through it. Definitely will change your mind!

Amira Liyana Ressang
Final Year Medical Student

Ready to stop memorising physical examinations and start doing them?

As you can see, Alia's Notes may be the solution that you need. Take a sneak peek of the first two chapter to see what you are missing!

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