Hi there!

First of all, THANK YOU for the great support you have given to us! We realize some of you are still waiting on your payment update, so we would like to clarify several things in regards to the payment process.

Note: Please make all orders at www.aliasnotes.com.

Also, please note that the Ramadhan promo (RM35 instead ofRM55.90) ends 8 Aug 2013. Please make sure to make payment prior to the date to enjoy the discount (and to get the book delivered to you earlier!). After this date, all outstanding orders of the promo rate will be automatically cancelled.

For further queries or any issues, please use theĀ contact form.


For payments made via PAYPAL

Your order status should be automatically updated and you should be receiving your books soon!

For payments made via ONLINE BANK TRANSFER

If you have made payment via Internet Bank Transfer, please email proof of payment to billing@aliasnotes.com. Please allow up to 2 days to have your order updated, as we have received lots of orders over the past couple of days, so we will get to your as soon as possible! Once your order is updated, you will receive an email notifying you so.

Our bank details are as follows:
- Maybank Account: MyriadVentures Enterprise
- Account No: 5626-7420-5242

The proof of payment required is the Receipt that you are able to print out as PDF immediately after you have made payment. This is the fastest way for us to confirm that payment has been made, since our the bank does not denote the name of sender to us, so we can’t verify your payment without the PDF.



For CUCMS pickups

If you are picking up at CUCMS, you can either:
- Pick up during CUCMS launch which on most likely on 15 Aug (to be confirmed)
- Contact Alia directly to arrange for pickup if you would like it on an earlier date

For normal parcel delivery

We will be delivering the books in batches as there are a lot of orders, so please expect 1 – 2 weeks max for delivery. We apologize that the delivery time is a bit lengthy, but we don’t have enough manpower at the moment to immediately send each book order right after payment is made – we hope you understand :)

For further queries or any issues, please use theĀ contact form.